Big Issues - Our entry for the Charity Game Jam

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McFunkyPants, the guy responsible for OGAM and all around nice guy, is holding a Charity Game Jam this 23-30th of November. The requirement is to have a donate button to charity in the game, and I really think it's a great idea specially with recent events such as Typhoon Haiyan.

The genesis of the game we worked on came from Bradley Smith, someone I met on the tigsource forums. He is an awesome guy, and I seriously hope I can continue to collaborate with him in the future.

Big Issues is a simple time management begging game. The mechanics are simple - click on civilians to beg. However we have a pretty solid theme that we think we can really expand upon.

You can play the game directly from your browser here.


  1. Why does the screenshot have a shop while the game doesn't? Anyway, good game, it was enjoyable but had a heavy theme that I think you put across well.

    1. We had a very limited time frame to work on, so we decided to cut out on some features. We're still working on the game though :)