Hello [GameDev] World!

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I'm Secretmapper, a game developer interested in engaging, meta gaming experiences.

I try not to pigeonhole myself to any one genre. Expanding horizons and always going out of comfort zones is my mantra.

As I'm writing this post I have already worked on 2 solid games. The first of which is, JourneyEast, a free-to-play web based MMORPG featuring crafting, raids and a dynamic turn based battle system. The other one is a stereotypical overhead RPG named Orb Knight - which I consider my first "finished" game.

This blog is aimed to be a development blog, so expect it to be messy! While my outlook in game making have aged considerably well if I may say so myself, my mindset is to write-as-I-go so you might see a few posts where I work on a game, only to see it being abandoned at a later date. Hopefully when anyone rereads this in the future, they can see a clear growth in my experience as time went on.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you'll have a good time browsing through my devblog.


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